Learning French and Arabic

Learning French and Arabic

If you’re reading this then you are possibly one of those who would find French an easier language to learn than Arabic, so they say. Apparently, there is a lot of similar, recognisable vocabulary between French and English. I wouldn’t know, I don’t speak french and my children all did Spanish and Arabic instead of French and German. But there are also many Algerian and Morrocan Arabs that find learning French easier than most English speaking people.

That said is it just down to how many familiar words that you might know in a particular language, like French, in order for you to learn that language easier and quicker? What if you never want to go to France for anything except shopping and sightseeing? What if you do not have any other French-speaking friends? What if your family members never really utter a word of French at home and you’re the only one? If you are a Muslim, Arabic may not be super easy for you but you will have regular contact with it because of the Quran etc.

The fact that the alphabets, hadith sayings, phrases, prayers, greetings, Jumah lectures, the Quran are all in Arabic will mean that there is already an incentive to know or study even just a little bit of it. Not to mention the fact that many Muslims around you will also be either learning or wanting to learn Arabic. If you’re a Muslim parent you want your children to learn the Quran at least and possibly have some Arabic speaking and general reading ability too.

So learning a language is not only about how similar to English it is but it is about the reason, use, purpose and benefit. Any language can be easy to learn if you have a good reason to learn it as well as the motivation, determination and consistency.

Some languages may be good for business or because they are made an option at school but not all languages will stand the test of time. Many languages are now dead languages due to lack of use and no international, business or any sort of real presence. Arabic has grown to become a major player in world languages today as well as having a rich history. Get to grips with Arabic and learn Arabic daily.

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