Q. Do you do translations?

A. Yes…send an email detailing the translation project.

Q. Do you teach in secondary schools?

A. Yes, we have done for the several schools in London, usually in the run up before the exam.

Q. Do you provide an External Examiner for schools?

A. Yes…for the Pearson GCSE Arabic speaking unit.

Q. Do you mark Arabic mock papers?

A. Yes, either via physical collection or email.

Q. Do you teach the new 9-1 GCSE Arabic online?

A. Yes. Reading, writing, speaking and listening units, individual or group lessons. 

Q. Do you do Arabic or Quran clubs? 

A. Yes we do group and individual lessons, online, at home or any other venue like a school. 

Q. How are lessons conducted?

A. Sometimes via Whats App, Facetime, Google Hangouts or Whereby, but mostly through Skype or Zoom.

Q. Do you cover my area/location?

A. We cover all areas, boroughs, cities and countries online, but we only travel to limited areas.

If the answer to your question is not shown above then email us. Updates available via Twitter or click here for our other site.

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