Arabic Lessons

About Lessons.

Beginners Arabic (AD-01).

For KS2 (Year 3-6, ages 7-11) and adults. Here the learner starts with the basic Arabic language foundations. The learner settles in easily with topics such as the Alphabets, sounds and voweling, other particles, nouns, verbs, and speaking simple sentences. All four skills are usually covered, including writing. A variety of texts and audios are used to develop speaking, listening and reading or whatever area you wish to focus on.

Beginners Arabic Grammar (AD-02).

For KS3-KS6 (Years 11-13, ages 7-19) and adults. Arabic has it’s own logic, just like every other language. Some of this logic, or grammar, is often picked up by native Arabic speakers without formal instruction, but not by all. Many speakers of English were not taught or do not know English grammar, but are able to speak in a semi grammatical way, without understanding the ‘why or how’ of the language. For this reason this course will focus more on basic grammar concepts needed for any learner of Arabic.

Pre-GCSE Preparation (AD-03).

For KS3 (Year 7-9, ages 11-14) and adults. This option contains all the elements of the GCSE at an easily manageable pace. The Pre-GCSE preparation is a stage up from beginners Arabic and therefore requires previous knowledge of Arabic. This is an ideal way to start Arabic lessons in preparation for GCSE Arabic. 

GCSE Arabic (AD-04).

For KS4 (Year 10-11, ages 14-16) and adults. If you have a good foundation in Arabic then you may be prepared enough to continue Arabic at GCSE level. When studied in UK schools, this course, would usually take 2 years, studying two to three hours a week, including homework/revision. All four language skills are covered including grammar points and conversation.

Quranic Arabic Foundation (QAF-01).

For all ages. This is a how to read Quran from scratch course. Some basic tajweed and hifdh are included but the main focus is how to identify letters and words to be able to read the Quran and gain the right speed and pronunciation. If you are an intermediate to advanced reader please see the Quranic Arabic Reader course.

Quranic Arabic Reader (QAR-02).

This course presumes some understanding of the Alphabets and reading system but is adaptable to the needs of the beginner. The main focus is on recitation, memorisation and tajweed rules of the Quranic text itself. Other elements such as tafseer (explanation) and Arabic word meanings/translations will also be in use.

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