Visiting Speaker

Visiting Speaker – Anti Terrorism

visiting speaker

Visiting speaker to schools on issues of concern.

We aim to help tackle topics that young people may encounter within the school, at home or on the streets of the UK.

The topics we cover include but are not limited to:

Transnational extremism and radical influences (Whether so-called Islamist, right-wing or other).

Knife crime and dangerous weapons.

Racism, bullying and the behaviour of hatred.

Drugs and substance abuse.

We offer fluent English speakers who are passionate about the issues mentioned above, not only because they are parents and teachers themselves but because they also understand the harm in these potentially life-altering circumstances.

The speaker is aware of the sensitive nature of some of these topics and is willing to sit with teachers to cover such areas prior to any speaking engagement, whether on the day or prior.

The Speaker is aware of the Visiting Speaker Guidelines


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