Visiting Examiner Rates


Rough Guide to Visiting Examiner Rates of Hire

Examiner Fee For

Other Costs

# of Students


# of Students



Per Hour


Per Mile


£30.00 each

£20.00 each



Non Local

£35.00 each

£25.00 each

*See note below


Longer Distances

£40.00 each

£30.00 each


(each way)


(each way)


  •  * A travel fee may apply to locations in the South of Croydon, on the border or if the location is completely outside of Croydon. Above quotes serve as a rough guide.
  • Please inform us regarding availability of onsite parking or free street parking.
  • Contact us for an exact quote if you need further clarification.
  • Due to the layout of the new Pearson-Edexcel language exams visiting examiners may require more time due to the preparation arrangement before the start of the speaking paper. Please make allowances for the preparation time.
  • Foundation tier time: 19-21 minutes, minimum, per student.
  • Higher tier time: 22-24 minutes, minimum, per student.
  • The visiting examiner fee includes any waiting time from the time they are signed in at the school, any time taken to locate student, for the student to arrive, and student set.
  • Invoices to schools should preferably be paid within two weeks and no later than 30 days from the date of the invoice.
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Latest Update: October 2018