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The Arabic Daily Online Support

Arabic Daily Online Support

Arabic Daily Support.

Arabic Daily is a London based language support initiative. It was created to assist families, communities, schools and organisations with heritage language learning and other Arabic related services. Providing early literacy and further literacy support for learners of Arabic is our primary focus, but we also offer a range of services available to individuals and organisations. Available throughout London and the UK, as well as worldwide.

Get to grips with Arabic, everyone is welcome, no matter who you are.

Why Choose Arabic Daily Support?

  • We offer a range of Arabic services such as translation.
  • We provide language support for schools.
  • MFL External Examiner hire.
  • Support for home-school students
  • GCSE Arabic and pre-GCSE Arabic preparation.
  • General Arabic courses (non-exam based).
  • Private Home tuition or online lessons.
  • Quranic lessons in Tajweed, memorisation, recitation, Tafseer etc.
  • Free tuition registration.
  • Free tuition assessment (online & local).
  • Arabic classes at a suitable time and place.
  • Decide on the focus and needs of your Arabic course.
  • Small groups or one-to-one tuition for optimal progress.
  • A track record of proven successful cases.
  • We love what we do.
  • Improved experience year on year.
  • Excellent value.
  • Available student testimonials and parent references.

Arabic Daily Online


  • Translations

Arabic document translation services for your essays, articles, reports, letters, notices, certificates, contracts, company documents, medical documents, passports and more. Arabic to English or English to Arabic translations to your deadlines. No project too small or too big. Get an early quote and quick completion.

  • Tuition

Personalised, private, language courses throughout the year on a one-to-one or group basis. From basics to exam preparation and lessons for business clients. We offer 45/60 and 90-minute sessions as well as full-day intensive and crash course packages to suit your level. Most learners take one or two sessions per week, whilst others require daily study for quicker progress. Available online, at home, at work, at your leisure.

  • GCSE Arabic Examiner

Visiting examiner to schools London wide for the Edexcel, unit 2, Arabic speaking paper and writing paper mocks. We offer a marking service for the Arabic writing paper as well as advice on preparation for GCSE Arabic and support with past papers. This service is open to native as well as non-native speakers. Assessments and guidance also available for students and schools outside of London, within the UK. If you would like to hire the visiting examiner, for your school, please use the contact form for details on examiner rates of hire. Exam cover personnel for all exam types.

  • Exam Invigilation

We provide exam room assistance with student observation, checking student ID, handing out and collection of answer sheets, directing students to seats, confiscating items that are not allowed, not letting anyone in or out of room before the allowed time has passed etc.

Arabic Daily Online

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