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Arabic Adverbs

Arabic Adverbs

Arabic Adverbs

Adverbs in Arabic


Arabic adverbs of time ظُرُوْف الْوَقْت

yesterday أَمْس
today الْيَوْم
tomorrow غَدا
now الْآَن
then ثُم
later فِيْمَا بَعْد
tonight هَذِه الْلَّيْلَة
right now فِي الْوَقْت الْحَالِي
last night لَيْلَة أَمْس
this morning هَذَا الْصَّبَاح
next week الْأُسْبُوْع الْمُقْبِل
already سَابِقَا
recently مُؤَخَّرا
lately مُؤَخَّرا
soon قَرِيْبا
immediately فَوْرَا
still لَا يَزَال
yet بَعْد
ago مُنْذ

Arabic adverbs of place ظُرُوْف مَكَان

here هُنَا
there هُنَاك
over there هُنَاك
everywhere فِي كُل مَكَان
anywhere فِي أَي مَكَان
nowhere لَا مَكَان
home مُنَزَّل
away بَعِيْدا
out خَارِج

Arabic adverbs of manner ظُرُوْف مِن الْطَّرِيْقَة

very جَدَّا
quite تَمَامَا
pretty جَمِيْل
really حَقّا
fast سَرِيْع
well جَيِّد
hard الثَّابِت
quickly بِسُرْعَة
slowly بِبُطْء
carefully بِعِنَايَة
hardly بِالْكَاد
barely بِالْكَاد
mostly فِي الْغَالِب
almost تَقْرَيْبَا
absolutely إِطْلاقَا
together مَعَا
alone وَحْدَهَا

adverbs of frequency ظُرُوْف مِن الْتَّرَدُّد

always دَائِمَا
frequently كَثِيْرا
usually عَادَة
sometimes أَحْيَانا
occasionally أَحْيَانا
seldom نَادِرَا مَا
rarely نَادِرا
never أَبَدا

Source: This info is according to -Langoo.net

Arabic Adverbs


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