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Register for Arabic

Register for Arabic

Welcome to Arabic with Arabic Daily. This is some information we have put together to support your registration process. Some steps you may have already taken and some you may still need to do. If you have already completed all the steps, mentioned on the how to enrol page, then you are almost there and good luck with the assessment and lessons.

  1. Email your interest with as much information about the learner’s Arabic background, level, the year at school, age, how long you wish to take the lessons for, year of intended exam, location, is it for home or online tuition etc.
  2. After your initial email, we may request some more information if your first email is not sufficient or other info that you shall need to send via email. Any delay in reply may mean you miss out on a slot.
  3. Connect via Skype. Request a link if you are not familiar with Skype. If you already have a Skype ID then you can connect with us at arabicdaily all one word, it may also appear in the search as Arabic Daily . (with a period after the word). You should avoid trying to connect at the same time as your appointment, just in case there are issues trying to connect as this can waste valuable time. Try to connect with us a day before your lessons are due to start. 
  4. You will then receive information on how and when to make payment. One-off payments for an assessment or for lessons that start mid-month will have a different payment date arrangement to the normal monthly advanced payment date. The monthly advanced payment date is no later than the 1st (first) of each month. The time of the advanced monthly payment is no later than midday if your lessons are in the evening or on the previous day if your lessons are early morning or afternoon. This email should be saved for future payment reference.
  5. Once payment has been received, and your Skype is set up/connected, you should send us a message in Skype with the following info: learner’s name, assessment date and time and any other info you may wish to state.

That’s it for the initial registration process, don’t forget the T&Cs. Thank you and good luck.

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