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Arabic Quran Tutor Peterborough

Arabic Quran Tutor Peterborough

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Arabic Quran Tutor Peterborough online, at home, at school.


The best way to Learn Quranic Arabic is often with a Quranic Skype Tutor. If you live in an area where there are not many Arabic or Quran tutors try online lessons via Skype with a male or female Quran tutor. Arabic Daily has been teaching online Arabic and Quran lessons using books such as the Quran, Medina Arabic Course books, Gateway to Arabic books, Al Arabiya Bayna Yadayk, Al kitaab fi Ta’alum ilarabiya, Kitaab Al Assaasy, Your Arabic Friend, Mastering Arabic, MELS Easy Steps in Quran, Yasarnal Quran and more. So if you want to learn the Quran or Arabic on a daily basis you have found one of the most long-lasting, experienced, Arabic speaking tutors on the web. We focus on Online Skype Arabic Tuition as most people find it easier to attend when lessons are from their home and there is no need to travel. It is also easier for the Quran tutor and means you do not end up spending excessively for tuition. Daytime lessons online or with a visiting Quran tutor in Wembley or Harrow areas.

There are many Arabic teachers around, some are better than others. If you want affordable, reliable Arabic tuition that will really increase your level of Arabic then look around for a teacher that suits your needs best. You may wish the tutor to attend your home or you may want Skype lessons. You may want to pay per lesson or pay monthly. You may want to focus on one language skill or the whole range.

It is often the case that you may chop and change your tutors just to get the right balance, there is nothing wrong with that. Even language tutors have to look for the right person to do a building or plumbing job around the house or interview a Maths tutor for their own children.

You may not be ready to study Arabic right now but if you know someone who does want to study Arabic help us to help them by passing on our contact details.

We do Arabic home tuition, online lessons in Arabic and Arabic clubs. If your studying for a GCSE or perhaps wish to take an AS/A’ Level at some stage we can offer you the support you need.

If you are a school looking for an Arabic teacher for GCSE exams our tutoring service can provide you with a GCSE Arabic Examiner for the Edexcel specification.

How is the Quran divided?

1. The Quran is divided into 114 Chapters called Surahs.

  • The first Surah is called Fatiha (The Opening) and the final Surah is called Nas (Mankind).
  • The shortest Surah is Surah al Kawther (108) and the longest Surah is Surah Baqarah.
  • The other shortest Surahs are Al Asr (103) and An Nasr chapter 110.
  • The Surahs are known as Medina or Mecca Surahs due to the place where they were revealed.

2. A Juz, also known as Siparah in Urdu, is another part of the Quran.

  • There are 30 Juz in the Quran. This division is used for readers of the Quran to be able to complete a reading of the Quran in a certain period of time, like during Ramadhan or over 30 weeks. So a Juz can be completed in one day or in one week. There is also a division based on finishing the Quran in 7 days called Manzil.
  • It is recommended that a reading of the Quran should be done at least once in every year.

3. A Hizb is a part of the Quran which is half the length of a Juz. Each Hizb is made up of four quarters, known as Rubu3.

  • There are 60 Hizb in the Quran.

4. An Ayat is a verse or sign of the Quran. There are some 6348 verses in the Quran (including Bismillah at the beginning of each Surah). It has been recommended for one who wishes to Hafiz (memorise) the Quran that they should memorise 5 Ayats at a time. This would take just under 4 years to complete the memorisation of Quran.

  • The longest verse in the Quran is found in Surah Baqarah verse 282, which is a whole page long.
  • The shortest verse in the Quran in terms of words is found in Surah Rahman 55:64 which is one word.
  • The shortest verse in the Quran in terms of letters are found at the beginning of Surahs Ta Ha (20), Yaseen (36), and Ha Meem, they comprise of only two letters.

You can use any of these divisions not only to read the Quran but also to memorise the Quran. Depending on your age, schedule and how organised you are, memorisation of the Quran can take anything from 3 to 10 years.

Quranic Arabic Daily – QAD

And Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’aala) Knows best.

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