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Which Arabic?


Save time and money and know what type of Arabic you need.

There are many that think the Arabic language is all the same. They express surprise when told that actually, Arabic is of various types. So how does someone who is not trained in the language of Arabic know what type of Arabic they are listening to? Well obviously without getting inside Arabic you will always be a stranger to Arabic.

Once you find out how many different types of Arabic there are then the tricky part is to decide which one to study or which one to learn first. There are really only three types of Arabic, Classical, Modern and Colloquial/regional. Classical and Modern are usually called Fusha but real Fusha is actually Quranic and other classical texts.

So if you want to use Arabic for holidays and speaking with friends then learn the colloquial of the region you want to visit or learn the colloquial of your friend. If on the other hand, it is for something which requires a lot of contact with newspapers, books and Fusha speakers then stay away from colloquial in the beginning of your study, as it can mess you up.

When someone wants to learn Arabic they are faced with an array of different methods and systems for learning Arabic, each one competing under slogans such as ‘learn Arabic the fast way’ or ‘Arabic in 30 days’. The truth is that Arabic like any other language takes time, why should it be any easier? You have to find a way to get to grips with the language which, for most people will take a while. So supposing you don’t have that much time and you really do want to learn as quick as possible, or maybe you need to for an important deadline or appointment, what to do?

Follow the above advice on the type of Arabic you wish to study. Also, don’t believe that if you don’t learn from a particular method or system you won’t be able to learn Arabic. There are many methods claiming various levels of success but don’t be drawn by too much hype, take time to research or speak to us for extra clarity. If you really want to learn Arabic is there anything that can stop you?