GCSE Arabic Lessons

gcse arabic lessons

GCSE Arabic Lessons

Lessons in Arabic – GCSE.


Lessons in: GCSE Arabic (MSA).

Level: 2 (2017 Edition).

Lesson Code: AOL-04

Location: Online via Skype or School.

Start: Flexible throughout the year.

Registration: FREE.

Times: Daytime or Evenings.


Starting from 12 weeks. Most take it over 52 weeks and a few students do 2 years.


Anyone with a background in Arabic, of 2 years or more.

Fee Arrangement: See Rates page.


1) Initial assessment.

2) End of course assessment is by final examination.

Awarding body: Edexcel GCSE Certification.

How it works:

Register for tuition with Arabic Daily, in September or earlier. There are a few instructions before you start. Email for further details.

Entry Requirements: 

Ideally at least 150 hours of previous Arabic study. If you have previous knowledge of Arabic, whether Quranic or general contact with the language, you may be prepared enough to continue Arabic at GCSE level. This level is not suitable for absolute beginners.

Not Prepared?: 

Try our pre-GCSE Arabic lessons or Beginners Arabic/Arabic from Scratch.

2009 Unit Codes:

Unit 1. (5AR01) Listening and Understanding in Arabic.

Unit 2. (5AR02) Speaking in Arabic, (This is usually the first paper to be taken).

Unit 3. (5AR03) Reading and Understanding in Arabic.

Unit 4. (5AR04) Writing in Arabic. (Usually the last paper).

The Two Themes (2009):

1) Media, travel and culture.
2) Sport, leisure and work.


The New GCSE Arabic Weighing (2017):

25% Each Paper.

The New GCSE Arabic Tiers (2017):

1) Tier 1 maximum grade 9.
2) Tier 2 maximum grade 5.

Level 1 = Foundation tier papers = grades 1-5
Level 2 = Higher tier papers = grades 3/4-9.

2017 Themes

1. Identity and culture.

2. Local Area, holiday and travel.

3. School.

4. Future Aspirations, study and work.

5. International and global dimension.


2017 Speaking Paper

Foundation 7-9 minutes

Higher 10-12 minutes

1. Role Play

2. Picture Based Discussion/Photo Card

3. Conversations 1 & 2


2017 Listening Paper

Foundation: 35 minutes + 5

Higher: 45 minutes + 5

Both listening paper tiers have a section A and B. Instructions are in Arabic and English.


2017 Reading Paper

Foundation: 50 minutes

Higher: 60 minutes + 5

Each tier has sections A, B and C.


2017 Writing Paper

Foundation: 1 hour 15 minutes

Three open response questions and one translation in Arabic.

Higher: 1 hour 25 minutes

Two open response questions and one translation in Arabic

Dictionary not allowed in the 2017 Edition of the GCSE Arabic.


2017 Unit Codes: Higher / Foundation.

1) Listening – 1AA0/01

2) Speaking – 1AA0/02

3) Reading – 1AA0/03

4) Writing – 1AA0/04

For other detailed Information: Please email us or call.


Disclaimer: Information about the GCSE Arabic course, as detailed above, was correct at the time of publication. This information is subject to change either by Edexcel or Arabic Daily.

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