Qadr | Quranic Arabic Daily Reading Club

Qadr | Quranic Arabic Daily Reading Club

Welcome to the Qadr Quran club, literacy project, for people of all ages and backgrounds.

You don’t have to be an advanced reader or even a Muslim to take part in the reading and understanding of Quranic texts, but of course it helps.

The Quran was revealed for the guidance of mankind but even if you cannot understand first hand, from the Arabic, what is being read you still get the benefits from just trying to read it.

The reader of the Quran, who has good intentions and seeks guidance, will benefit positively from reading the Quran in their spiritual and even material life inshaAllah. Quran Tutor

The Quran was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad via the Angel Gibreel (Gabriel). So along with reading the Quran a person should seek to know something of the life of the Prophet and the lives of those early Muslims, such as the Prophet’s family members and others that surrounded him such as companions and friends.

With studying the life of the Prophet comes knowing something about the lives of the enemies of the Prophet, who accused him of all manner of bizarre charges, in anycase we know what the lives of the likes of such people amounts to. But when studying holy lives we also discover unholy lives, the ungodly as opposed to the godly and this serves as a lesson too. indeed the Quran speaks about such individuals amongst other topics covered.

The Angels of Allah supplicate for the reader of the Quran, who has good intentions and makes effort to live according to the Quranic instructions. All types of people read the Quran but how many will gain the benefits that are contained deep within it’s pages? How many eyes will be forgiven just by looking at the ayats (verses)? How many tongues will deserve the mercy of Allah from the recitation of the Quran? Only Allah truly knows.

Only Allah knows those who are following the word of Allah. He also knows those who are misguided through the Quran, yes Allah guides and mis-guides whom He pleases. Just reading the Quran is not an automatic ticket to heaven. Just reading the Quran is not a sign that a person is pious. Reading, memorising or learning tajweed are all external routes and factors but the Quran seeks to change behaviour, reform character and bring about spiritual upliftment in order to bring one closer to Allah. It is a teacher and we are it’s students and like with everything else you have good students and not so good students.

The list of what the Quran seeks to do may go on and on, and everyone has their view of what the Quran is here to do, some of these views are negative whilst others are balanced. The Quran itself sums up for us in a few words what it intends… ‘so that you may gain ‘Taqwa’.

When we start exploring Quranic words and their meanings this is where the reader is encouraged to start learning the Arabic alphabet in order to learn words and verses because without this you will not get first hand the treasures of Quranic Arabic and will never truly appreciate Quranic content. So the Arabic is just one tool that you will need on your journey to understanding the Quran…but when will your journey begin, where to start, how long will it last and what will your end be?