NewGCSEArabic Online Companion

New GCSE Arabic Online Companion.

+New GCSE Arabic Companion

Online Skype Companion Supporting the Study of the New GCSE Arabic.

Main GCSE Arabic Text Books

  1. Your Arabic Friend


2. The New GCSE Arabic Companion


Papers Past and Papers New


New GCSE Arabic Companion

Rubrics and Vocabulary 

New GCSE Arabic Companion

The New Edexcel GCSE Arabic Weighing (2017):

25% Each Paper.

The New GCSE Arabic Tiers (2017):

1) Tier 1 maximum grade 9.
2) Tier 2 maximum grade 5.

Level 1 = Foundation tier papers = grades 1-5
Level 2 = Higher tier papers = grades 3/4-9.

2017 Themes

1. Identity and culture.

2. Local Area, holiday and travel.

3. School.

4. Future Aspirations, study and work.

5. International and global dimension.


2017 Speaking Paper

Foundation 7-9 minutes

Higher 10-12 minutes

1. Role Play

2. Picture Based Discussion/Photo Card

3. Conversations 1 & 2


2017 Listening Paper

Foundation: 35 minutes + 5

Higher: 45 minutes + 5

Both listening paper tiers have a section A and B. Instructions are in Arabic and English.


2017 Reading Paper

Foundation: 50 minutes

Higher: 60 minutes + 5

Each tier has sections A, B and C.


2017 Writing Paper

Foundation: 1 hour 15 minutes

Three open response questions and one translation in Arabic.

Higher: 1 hour 25 minutes

Two open response questions and one translation in Arabic

Dictionary not allowed in the 2017 Edition of the GCSE Arabic.


2017 Unit Codes: Higher / Foundation.

1) Listening – 1AA0/01

2) Speaking – 1AA0/02

3) Reading – 1AA0/03

4) Writing – 1AA0/04


So what does the new GCSE Arabic contain?

How long will it take you to do the course?

Are you good enough to take the exam?

Is the old course easier or the new one and in which ways?

These are just some of the questions people ask when thinking about doing a GCSE in Arabic. If you want answers to these and other questions just contact us on our email or telephone details. This course is mainly for those students based in Dubai, Qatar, London/England but anyone is free to join, wherever you live.

So what is the attraction about doing a GCSE in Arabic? Well for a lot of people it’s about a gaining an internationally recognised qualification. The other reason is that it gives you direction and focus with planned out lessons without having to go through the exam at the end, exams are not to everyone’s linking. Pearson-Edexcel are the UK examing board for the GCSE Arabic, they also do A’level Arabic.

Online assessment available.

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