Medina Arabic Lessons

Medina Arabic Lessons Online

medina arabic lessons

Learn Arabic Online using the Medina Arabic course books.

Develop Arabic reading, speaking, listening and writing skills.

Understand 100’s of Arabic words found in the Quran.

medina arabic lessons

The Medina books are amazing books to learn Arabic from.

Other resources also used with plenty of Arabic drills.

Standard vocabulary and revision exercises.

Available for home school students, mothers & brothers.

These books cover nouns, verbs and smaller words like particles.

There is a fair bit of grammar to be learned using these books.

As you progress and understand more you will gain a firm foundation and understanding of the written Arabic. This will help you when you start to focus more on spoken Arabic of the Fusha type.

Arabic has to be learned in stages with revision, regular lessons and support.

medina arabic lessons online

Access lessons via a Skype account and start learning.

Study in the daytime or take evening lessons.

Use an existing Skype name or create a new one.

Once you set up your Skype account add arabicdaily

or text/email and tell us your Skype username, so we can add you.

medina arabic less


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