Mastering Arabic Lessons

Mastering Arabic

by Jane Wightwick, Mahmoud Gaafar.

Mastering Arabic aims at providing the novice learner with a general understanding of the overall structure of Arabic as well as the means for basic communication.

Contains diagrams and the letters of the Alphabet.

This book will not teach you everything there is about Arabic, but will build a strong base and can be advanced upon with the sequel to this book.

This book is not heavy on grammar and is suitable for absolute beginners.

Some vowelling employed to help with pronunciation.

Illustrations provided, some are funny others strange but all adding to make the learning fun.

Full of exercises and also comes with optional audio CD if you purchase the book.

It covers:





Dealing with questions.


Simple Sentences


Male and Female

The family


Countries and people



Days of the week, months of the year

Eating and drinking

Verb forms 1-10

Past and present tenses

The Mastering Arabic series contains two books and CDs.

Mastering arabic

Publication Date 2009
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan

mastering-arabic-2nd-edition-2009 pdf