Making Online Payments

 Monthly Tuition Payments (PAYG and Advanced).


1. You can make monthly advance payments or individual/PAYG payments using online banking smartphone apps or via your bank website, from your account to ours. Failing that you can also deposit a cash payment at your local bank branch, Monday to Friday. Please put the parent name or students name as a reference. Payments are due on or by the first of each month.

If you have an online banking app (like Natwest) on your smartphone you can use the Payment section under ‘Pay your contacts’ just enter the amount and phone number for the person you wish to pay (the method may change according to your particular bank’s updated version). Please note lessons will not usually be given until payment is processed into account. The process is usually quick but in some instances, such as the weekend, please allow for 2/3 days.

2. You can set up an automatic monthly standing order, from your bank, for payments on the first of every month. You can use our bank standing order mandate form for this or your bank will give you one. You will first need to be a paying client prior to choosing this option. 

3. For international clients, you can use PayPal. To make a payment via PayPal use our email or our number 0786 786 2520 or directly using the PayPal button below. If you accept to use PayPal, as your preferred method of payment, you also accept to pay the £1.00 service charge.

4. Check the total before making a payment, some months, like November 2020, have 5 Mondays, whilst other months have only 4. We only tutor four out of every 5, so if a particular month does have 5 Mondays you will only receive lessons on 4 out of those 5 Mondays. If you are not sure of the correct amount please check with a member of staff or your tutor may be able to help. If you need help making online payments or require our bank details please get in touch.

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