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Re: Homework

Dear all,

This is a reminder regarding homework, in the form of tips and advice.

1. If you are not given homework during or after completion of a lesson then do remember you can help yourself by doing default homework. This means that the default homework could be something as simple as copying out a text from the textbook that you are using during your lesson. Or it could be re-reading over the lesson that you have already done to re-cap on vocabulary or making sure you have understood all the concepts and terminology that you have been introduced to.

 2. If you try to avoid doing homework this will only be recorded against you. It is to your advantage and benefit to do something rather than avoid doing anything or as little as possible. Remember the lesson is not for the tutor as much as it is for you to gain Arabic knowledge.

3. Do remember to return all homework on time. This means not sending it on the day of your lesson and especially not half an hour before the lesson is due to start. If you do this your tutor may not go over your homework on that day and it may be marked as no homework due to its non-arrival on the day it should have been sent. Please note that your tutor does have other work to mark and sending homework late does not leave the tutor with enough time to check it properly.

4. Before sending in homework please check that it is legible. Often pictures are taken of homework but they are blurry.

5. The more you try to do by yourself, at home and in your spare time, the more you will become used to doing it. It is never as bad as you might think and even though you may have other things you could be doing remember your parents are investing in you and want you to do well. Your tutor is also on your side, don’t think that because the tutor gives you homework that they are trying to get in the way of your leisure time.



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