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If you are out of school, been thrown out of school, can’t get into a school, just moved to a new area, school too far to attend, homeschooling by choice, don’t like what your child is being taught at school or whatever reason your child/children are at home, we may be able to help you.

We offer Arabic language tuition online or at your location, depending on where you live. Add a language to your child’s curriculum and a language that is the 5th most spoken language in the world.

No language is easy at first but given the right approach, will to learn and commitment, anything is possible.

We have been tutoring since 2011, mainly Arabic for GCSE exams but we also do basic Arabic and Arabic from scratch. And at the other end, we do Quranic Arabic and advanced A’level Arabic.

Have a look at our Facebook, Instagram and website and decide for yourself whether you would like us to help in any way.

Thanks for stopping by and reading this, take care in whatever you decided. We know that homeschooling might not always be easy, but what is these days. Good luck.

Arabic Daily Team

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