GCSE Arabic Teacher

GCSE Arabic Teacher Online all over the UK and Dubai, Qatar or wherever you are studying.

GCSE Arabic Teacher

For all your GCSE Arabic Tuition needs. For almost 10 years we have taken students from beginners Arabic level to Exam level and beyond. We offer online Arabic tuition in GCSE as well as for home and schools. We have taught GCSE Arabic in community schools as well as private and state secondary schools. Students typically last anywhere between 6 months and 18 months and some for 24 months. We are not new to this and are aware of the new GCSE Arabic syllabus. All will become clearer as you develop through the course of GCSE Arabic lessons with your GCSE Arabic teacher.

This is just some of what we offer:

  • Marking of Mock Papers.
  • Offer Preparation Lessons Prior to Exam.
  • Teach GCSE Arabic Online via Skype during School hours, after school and outside of School at home.
  • We visit schools between mid-March and mid-April for the Edexcel Arabic speaking paper.
  • Run Pre-GCSE Courses
  • We can tell you how ready your student is and their predicted grade.

Contact us for more information on how to get these online lessons in GCSE Arabic.

GCSE Arabic teacher available for Online Skype lessons. Offering a range of lessons in Arabic such as Medina Arabic, Gateway to Arabic, Mastering Arabic, Al Arabeya Bayna Yadayk, Your Arabic Friend, Al Kitaab fi Ta’lum Al Arabiya, Al Kitaab Al Assaasy and more of your choosing with an online Arabic teacher.


Course: GCSE Modern Arabic

Level: 2

Code: AOL-04

Location: Online via Skype, your home or other venues.

Start: Flexible throughout the year.

Registration: FREE.

Times: Daytime or Evenings.

Duration: Starting from 12 weeks. Most take it over 52 weeks and a few students do 2 years.

Suitability: Anyone with a good few years background in Arabic.


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