GCSE Arabic Results 2015

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GCSE Arabic Results 2014-2015


Assalaamu ‘alaykum
Alhamdulillah Shahaadah got an A* – 100% in reading, listening and writing (didn’t expect that in the latter) and 70/80 for the spoken (A) – which surprised me…

Umm Shahaadah, London, August 2015 (Parent of student)



Maha got an A*. Thank you

Maha, Queensgate School, SW7, August 2015 (student)



Alhamdulilah I got an A*…I’m proud of it. Thank you so much for your help.

Maryam, NMBEC, Croydon, August 2015




I got an A thanks ☺

70/70 listening

68/80 speaking

63/70 reading

55/80 writing

Abdullah, London, August 2015 (student)


Jad got an A overall, THANK U.

London, August 2015




Salam Noon got the following results, A overall

Arabic 1 A star 70

Arabic 2 A star 72

Arabic 3 A 60

Arabic 4 67

Jazakallah kheer

Um Muhamed, London, August 2015 (parent).




Just to let you know that Sumayyah achieved an A in her Arabic gcse, jazakallakhair for your support throughout the year, I will definitely be recommending your services to other parents inshaallah.

Umm Ruqeyah

East London, August 2015 (parent)


Asalamu alaikum… My results came in the post this morning and Alhamdulillah I got an A!! 😀 jazakullah for all your help and support and Alhamdulillah it paid off …so thank you for keeping me doing hw and past papers and teaching me .. Alhamdulillah I got an A for all four sections (I was very shocked that I did) specifically, for Arabic 1 I got 58,

2 I got 70,

3 I got 60 and

4 I got 67… Please could you tell me which number is which exam because I’m really confused!! Jazakullah anyway for teaching me and alhamdullilah I didn’t get a B which I was dreading … Wasalamualaikum.

S. D. G, London, August 2015 (student)


Alhamdulilah I got a B overall in Arabic, I’m happy with that alhamdulilah... thank you for helping me. May Allah bless you.


Fatima, Harris Academy Upper Norwwod, August 2015 (student)


Ammar has done well in Arabic. A grade B was achieved which is more than we expected with the trouble he had in his written exam as he had forgotten his dictionary at home. I am grateful to all his teachers dedication and effort that he came with such a good result. He is only 3% away from an A grade. So we are really pleased. A very big thank you to you.

With regards

T Walji

T. Walji, August 2015 (parent)


Thank you for helping me I got a C.


Ahsan, St Marys, August 2015 (student)


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