GCSE Arabic Companion (9-1) Quick Review.

The New GCSE Arabic Companion and Your Arabic Friend.

*Based on the Edexcel GCSE Arabic Common Topics and Themes (UK), the New GCSE Arabic Companion comes packed with units of current interest and includes lots of reading and listening comprehension tasks and assessment sections to familiarise the student with the new exam specifications. *There are lots of different features to help the student learn grammar, vocabulary and the productive skills for speaking and writing. *It comes with: – listening audio files – listening transcript – vocabulary list – sample answers – revision quizzes… – interactive exercises… *There are additional resources on www.interlingo.co.uk that will supplement this book and provide more practice exercises.

The ‘New GCSE Arabic Companion’ as well as ‘Your Arabic Friend’ are the two main text books used for GCSE Arabic. These two books follow the themes and topics raised in the Edexcel 9-1 GCSE Arabic specification. The New GCSE Arabic Companion is suitable for use at KS3 and up to KS4, it uses vowels and is some 60 pages less than the Your Arabic friend book. The your Arabic Friend targeted at the higher tier and is more detailed than the New GCSE Arabic Companion. Your Arabic friend is not suitable for pre-GCSE use.

The New GCSE Arabic Companion (about 180 pages) – Author Chawki Nacef – Amazon – £23.45 aprox

Your Arabic Friend (about 240 pages) – Ghassan Numan Mahir – MMBOOKS.co.uk – £16.90 + CDs £10.00

New GCSE Arabic Companion pdf

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New GCSE Arabic Lessons

GCSE Arabic Lessons