Q. Do you do translations?

A. Yes…send an email detailing the translation project.

Q. Do you provide an External Examiner for schools?

A. Yes…for the Edexcel GCSE Arabic speaking paper.

Q. Do you mark Arabic exam papers like the writing paper?

A. Yes. We can collect and drop it back to your school.

Q. Do you teach GCSE Arabic online?

A. Yes. We do reading, writing, speaking and listening papers as well as grammar.

Q. Do you do Arabic or Quran clubs?

A. Yes. Group lessons can be done at home or any other venue like a school.

Q. How do I receive Online Arabic lessons?

A. You can send a message to our Skype ID: arabicdaily, which may also appear as Arabic Daily . (with a dot/period after the name).

Q. What are your rates?

A. Rates depend on a number of factors. See the rates page or contact us.

Q. What do I need to know about starting tuition with Arabic Daily Support?

A. Please read our terms of service and conditions (under the how to enrol tab) or feel free to email us with your specific questions.

Q. Do you cover my area/location?

A. We cover all areas, boroughs, cities and countries online via Skype, but we only travel to areas within London or to areas where we have a tutor…unless you can afford us.

If the answer to your question is not shown above or found on this site then please email us your question.

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