FAO – School Staff – GCSE Arabic Speaking Paper

FAO – School Staff – GCSE Arabic Speaking Paper

Re: Visiting Examiner for GCSE Arabic Speaking Test

Audio Recording Equipment 

The Examiner is familiar with various recording devices and software but may need the support of the school’s technician or a teacher in cases where the device is not familiar to the Examiner. Please note that the Examiner does not provide recording devices, CDs or storage keys.

Mark Record Sheet

A copy of the Mark Record Sheet is usually provided by Edexcel to the School and can be found within the Administrative Support Guide, via Edexcels website. The Examiner will usually have a spare copy of the Mark Record Sheet.

The Speaking Test

The GCSE Arabic Speaking Test is a one-to-one interaction between the Examiner and the Candidate. The overall time, per candidate, should not last more than 20-30 minutes. This time includes any preparation and settling in by the candidate, the test itself and making sure the test has been recorded.


Occasionally there maybe some delays due to Candidate going missing, issues with the recording device etc. In such instances an allowance of 15 minutes will be made to the original 30 minute maximum time, totalling 45 minutes altogether.

Invoice & Fees

  • A fee is chargeable for any delays beyond the 45 minute maximum period.
  • To minimise any delays, regarding payment, please provide an email for the Finance Officer. Alternatively a copy of the invoice will normally be emailed to the school.
  • The base fee includes travel expenses but for longer distances and parking charges these will often be listed separately. The base fee is stated in the initial correspondence. We hope that the above information helps to clarify our position and any matters which may have been unclear. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further clarification. Thank you for your co-operation in advance. Kind Regards

    Arabic Daily Support

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GCSE Arabic Lessons Edexcel Specification | GCSE Arabic Examiner

GCSE Arabic Lessons Edexcel Specification | GCSE Arabic Examiner

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