Essential Arabic Tuition Preparation Tips

Essential Arabic Tuition Preparation Tips

These tips are for online tuition as well as home tuition.

1. Please have a pen, or pens, ready for use.Tools for any lesson.

2. Please have an exercise book to write your notes, tips and homework in.

3. Please have your text book ready (the main book that you are having lessons from).

If you have all of the above then you are prepared for your lesson, if not then it can give the impression that you are not ready or willing to learn.

Our advice is to have these items ready before your tutor arrives or before the lesson begins so as to cut down on time wasted looking for a pen or books etc. Also please do not use any scrap sheets of paper, unless it is part of a file of work. These sheets of paper may get lost, if they are not kept organised. Also if they are not kept organised and easy to reference then it can reflect the importance that you give to your studies. Better to keep it all in an exercise book.

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