BBC Dyslexia Series: Inside Dyslexia

The documentary My Dyslexic Mind aims to put you in the shoes of the children featured in the film and the interactive experience, Try Being Me, is designed to give you a better idea of what it’s like living with dyslexia.

My Dyslexic Mind

Presented by 12-year-old Ben, who has dyslexia himself, My Dyslexic Mind explores what it means to be dyslexic and the problems that children face growing up. In this engaging video Ben investigates how dyslexia affects the brain, and even travels to Oxford University to meet with a dyslexia specialist to explore how dyslexia affects the brain. Ben also meets Zach and Khalya, two other dyslexic children, to discuss their experiences of negotiating dyslexia in the classroom, the methods that they have learnt to cope with any problems and how they excel in other fields. This upbeat idea of dyslexia as not being something that should hold you back is reflected in the light-hearted cartoons that complement the footage.

The documentary culminates with Ben chatting to Dom Wood who has become a well-loved CBBC presenter and is a fellow sufferer of dyslexia. Dom’s message is hopeful as he points out that thousands of jobs don’t require academia, as shown by his own success story. He also says that if it wasn’t for dyslexia he wouldn’t be where he is today. Overall the video is great to get a better understanding of what it’s like to live with dyslexia and how it doesn’t have to hold you back from success.

Try Being me

Try Being Me is an interactive experience to accompany, ‘My Dyslexic Mind’, which allows you to appreciate what living with dyslexia is like for each of the children featured in the documentary. This is great because you can explore the different ways that dyslexia can affect people, for example how it affects the way you recognise the sounds that groups of letters make . It is also fantastic for understanding the special techniques that people learn to help them cope with dyslexia.

More Newsround Resources

In general, the Newsround website is a fantastic resource for children trying to understand what dyslexia exactly entails. It’s presented in a really easy to read format with simple explanations of the key issues related to dyslexia, such as the causes and its symptoms. For example ‘what’s it like for someone who has dyslexia?’ and ‘how many people have dyslexia?’

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