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Arabic Daily Support ServicesInformation Flyer (pdf version).

Re: Online Pre Payment Options

For PAYG and Advance Monthly Tuition Payments.

1. You can make monthly advance payments using online banking smartphone apps or via your bank website, from your account to ours. Failing that you can also deposit payment at your local bank branch, Monday to Friday.

2. You can set up an automatic monthly standing order, from your bank, for payments on the first of every month.

3. If you have an online banking app (like Natwest) on your smartphone you can use the Visa Personal Payment section under ‘Pay your contacts’ just enter the amount and phone number for the person you wish to pay. Please note lessons will not usually be given until payment is processed into account, please allow for 2 days.

4. You can also use PayPal. If you accept to use PayPal, as your preferred method of payment, you also accept the service charge, 0.25p for every £5.00.

  • Please check the total before making payment, some months, like August 2015, have 5 Mondays, whilst other months have only 4. If you are not sure of the correct amount please check with your tutor. If you need help making online payments or require bank details please call. Please avoid late payments.

Re: Online Tuition Days

Dear Parents and Learners,

This update is regarding online tuition days and the maximum number of tuition days in each month.

There will be a maximum number of four lessons each month, for those who take one lesson a week, and eight lessons a month, for those who take two lessons per week.

This means that for example if you usually have lessons on a Monday but there happens to be five Mondays in August then you will only pay for a maximum of four Mondays. The same goes for any other day during the week that you have tuition.

So unless otherwise stated or unless there is some exceptional circumstance then the above will be the norm for online lessons.

This does not apply to those doing short intensive courses or lessons lasting less than a month.

Thank you

Arabic Daily Support Team

Arabic Summer Deals Now On

Summer Deals

It’s that time of year again.

Between late July and the end of August we will be offering one off Arabic and Quranic Arabic tuition deals. This is set to be a yearly occurrence so if you miss out this year book an early slot for the following year.ARABIC SUMMER

What does this deal mean for you?

  • An opportunity to experience private tuition at a reduced rate!
  • Early mornings and daytime availability!
  • Focus on any number of basic Arabic skills such as reading, writing, grammar and Tajweed!

This offer does not include conversational or GCSE Arabic lessons.

The free assessment does not apply to deals/offers or PAYG.

The expiry date is on the 31st August.

Please quote this code to qualify for deal: SDJULY15

See rates page for details or contact us.

This deal is subject to change so please confirm with an admin about the current status of deals on offer.

GCSE Arabic Exam Timetable 2015

General Certificate of Secondary Education

May–June Summer 2015 Examination Timetable for Arabic.


- Summer 2015 Edexcel Arabic Unit 2:

Speaking In Arabic 5AR02 (0h 10mins) between 7th March-15th May 2015


- Summer 2015 Edexcel Arabic Unit 1:

Listening & Understanding In Arabic 5AR01 (0h 45mins) 15 June 2015 Monday pm


- Summer 2015 [Provisional] Edexcel Arabic Unit 3:

Reading & Understanding In Arabic 5AR03 (0h 55mins) 15 June 2015 Monday pm


- Summer 2015 Edexcel Arabic Unit 4:

Writing In Arabic 5AR04 (1hour 00m) 17 June 2015 Wednesday pm

Tweet in touch 2015

Keep in touch via twitter feeds to know what is happening during this busy exam period.ARABIC TWITTER

Arabic GCSE Examiner Hire 2015

Don’t delay book today!


If you need an Arabic Examiner to attend your school/centre for the GCSE Arabic speaking/oral paper exam get in touch with us soon as we have already started to take bookings and will soon be short on available slots/dates.

Arabic GCSE Speaking

2015 GCSE Arabic speaking/oral paper examination window:

7th March to 15th May 2015.

Re: December Holidays

Dear all,

Quick message about December tuition arrangements.

Some tuition will be scaled back during December, this year, due to Christmas and tutor holidays.

We will notify you either by Skype, email or in person if this will affect your lessons. We hope to see you again in January for a fresh start.

Kind Regards
Arabic Daily Online

Post GCSE Arabic and Adult Lessons

Thank you for your inquiries regarding GCSE Arabic for adults as well as Arabic lessons geared towards AS/A’level Arabic.

Our primary target is to cater to primary and secondary school children who need to learn Arabic either for school exams or for learning Quranic Arabic. That is not to say that we do not tutor adults in Quranic Arabic or other areas of Arabic, we have and continue to tutor adults in Arabic.

Our fees for adult learners of GCSE Arabic and post GCSE Arabic are not usually the same as fees for primary and secondary school learners.

If you have already completed a GCSE in Arabic and wish to continue on to a higher level our fees will reflect the level of study, especially if those lessons are also after 4pm.

Kind regards wa salam


Arabic Daily