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Arabic Grammar Al Aajrumiyah

Al Aajrumiyah

Is a work of Arabic grammar (syntax). It was written by the Moroccan Berber Abu ‘Abd Allah Sidi Muhammad ibn Da’ud as-Sanhaji (d. 1324). The book covers some basic grammar topics and is an introduction to syntax (Nahw). The videos below are all in Arabic. They are for educational purposes only. We do not necessarily agree with any of the other content/views found on any of these channels.

Matn (Text).

Matan Al Aajrumiyah

Translation of the Arabic Text

Pure Channel

Arabic Majles UCOZ

Qanaat Al Majd


American Girl Speaking Arabic

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Brazillian Speaking Colloquial Arabic

Malaysian Sign – Arabic Muslims.

Malaysian sign language for Arabic!

Indonesian Muslim Arabic Nasheed

Ya Tayibah Indonesian Nasheed

QUIAPO Muslim and Arabic Community

Quiapo Muslim and Arabic Community.