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Arabic Tutors Wanted

Are you a male or a female Arabic tutor?

Do you have free time in the daytime or evenings?

Do you have a Skype account?

Would you like to help people learn Arabic?

If you or anyone you know could take on a student/s for online tuition then contact us. We regularly hear from people who would like either modern Arabic, Quranic Arabic or colloquial Arabic lessons. Often we are too busy to be able to handle these requests.

Send us an email and tell us about yourself.

Please note the following:

You MUST also be eligible to work in the UK without requiring a work permit.

We ARE NOT an employer, you will be working for yourself.

We DO NOT sponsor overseas applicants wishing to work in the UK.

Bite Size Arabic GCSE

Mini Arabic lessons that prepare you for GCSE Arabic.

Key vocabulary lessons and essential lists that every learner of Arabic needs.

Basic KS3 exercises to strengthen your Arabic skills.

Regular contact with a tutor online, mobile and email availability.

Study at your own pace without the distractions of large class sizes.

Focused lesson structure, targets and tests.

Arabic bite size is just the right size for beginners.

Tuition for Home-Schooling

Thinking of starting home school for your Muslim children?Tools for any lesson.

Are you a non Muslim home schooler who wants to learn Arabic?

Or are you already home schooling and just need a Quran tutor?

We help with developing Quran reading, Tajweed skills and Memorisation of Quran.

We also help children and adults prepare for GCSE Arabic in the UK whether your a beginner or just a little rusty.

Our weekly, home-school availability is usually Tuesday-Thursday daytime.

If you are interested in an evening slot you may have to add your name to a waiting list until a slot becomes available, as we only have limited evening hours which fill very quickly!