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GCSE Arabic Results 2015

100% Genuine Client Feedback!

GCSE Arabic Results 2014-2015


Assalaamu ‘alaykum
Alhamdulillah Shahaadah got an A* – 100% in reading, listening and writing (didn’t expect that in the latter) and 70/80 for the spoken (A) – which surprised me…

Umm Shahaadah, London, August 2015 (Parent of student)



Maha got an A*. Thank you

Maha, Queensgate School, SW7, August 2015 (student)



Alhamdulilah I got an A*…I’m proud of it. Thank you so much for your help.

Maryam, NMBEC, Croydon, August 2015




I got an A thanks ☺

70/70 listening

68/80 speaking

63/70 reading

55/80 writing

Abdullah, London, August 2015 (student)


Jad got an A overall, THANK U.

London, August 2015




Salam Noon got the following results, A overall

Arabic 1 A star 70

Arabic 2 A star 72

Arabic 3 A 60

Arabic 4 67

Jazakallah kheer

Um Muhamed, London, August 2015 (parent).




Just to let you know that Sumayyah achieved an A in her Arabic gcse, jazakallakhair for your support throughout the year, I will definitely be recommending your services to other parents inshaallah.

Umm Ruqeyah

East London, August 2015 (parent)


Asalamu alaikum… My results came in the post this morning and Alhamdulillah I got an A!! 😀 jazakullah for all your help and support and Alhamdulillah it paid off …so thank you for keeping me doing hw and past papers and teaching me .. Alhamdulillah I got an A for all four sections (I was very shocked that I did) specifically, for Arabic 1 I got 58,

2 I got 70,

3 I got 60 and

4 I got 67… Please could you tell me which number is which exam because I’m really confused!! Jazakullah anyway for teaching me and alhamdullilah I didn’t get a B which I was dreading … Wasalamualaikum.

S. D. G, London, August 2015 (student)


Alhamdulilah I got a B overall in Arabic, I’m happy with that alhamdulilah... thank you for helping me. May Allah bless you.


Fatima, Harris Academy Upper Norwwod, August 2015 (student)


Ammar has done well in Arabic. A grade B was achieved which is more than we expected with the trouble he had in his written exam as he had forgotten his dictionary at home. I am grateful to all his teachers dedication and effort that he came with such a good result. He is only 3% away from an A grade. So we are really pleased. A very big thank you to you.

With regards

T Walji

T. Walji, August 2015 (parent)


Thank you for helping me I got a C.


Ahsan, St Marys, August 2015 (student)


Also see last years results for 2014

Student Feedback

Student Feedback

Dubai Qatar Kuwait


Some reasons to learn Arabic
Arabic is the fourth/fifth most spoken language in the world. There are many countries that speak Arabic as a first language. One of the first things that a person does when he or she becomes a Muslim is to learn some basic Arabic words and chapters of the Quran. Arabic is also the language of many Christians in the Middle East who are very proud of their language.
Why would anyone learn Arabic?
1. It is a scientific language.
2. It is a spiritual language.
3. It is one of the top languages to learn in political and economic circles.
4. Its letters are clear, unlike many other languages where various letters can have different sounds and pronunciations.
5. It is a language whose learners increase every time someone becomes Muslim…and we all know how many people are becoming Muslims, despite the negative media stereotypes and shocking stories.
6. It is a language not just of Arabs or for Arabs, as the Arabic language has been made international…it is now open for anyone to learn.
7. There are obviously many jobs a person can get if they can speak Arabic such as within Journalism, travel companies, NGO’s, charitable organisations and aid agencies, translation and interpretation, teaching, spy agencies and secret services, financial institutes working and meeting with those rich Arabs etc etc etc.
8. For social reasons…maybe you have a Muslim friend or know someone who is Arab or speaks Arabic.
9. It is a language that has been around for some 2000 years. It has classical, modern and colloquial versions of it.
10. And last but not least it is the language of one of the most popular and widely read books ever. The language of a book that is controversial but attracts so many people of all backgrounds and cultures. It is the language of the Holy Quran.
There are many Arabic words used in other languages like English, you may even speak words of Arabic origin without even realising.

A nice surprise note!

A nice surprise note from one of our most successful Quran students.


Thank you


Some GCSE Arabic Results 2014

100% Genuine Client Feedback!

Some GCSE Arabic Results 2013-2014


Amatullah achieved an A* in her GCSE masha Allah. Jazakha Allaha Khair for all your help with the exam preparation. She just needs to decide now whether she will continue studying Arabic alongside her remaining GCSE’s or whether she feels her remaining workload is too heavy.

Thakir, London, August 2014 (Parent of student)


Got an A!. 2 Units a star, 1 a, 1b
Thank you a lot of for your help.

Ali, Chelsea, August 2014 (student)


Thank you very much for enquiring, and for your excellent last minute help. I got an A overall in my GCSE Arabic. The breakdown was 56/70, 64/80, 67/70 and 64/80. So, just an A! Thank you very much. You were outstanding – you responded so promptly to my last minute request for help and you were very clear and focused. Please feel free to use any of this as a quote. Best wishes, Judith!

Judith, North London, August 2014


Maryam got a B overall. A in speaking, A in writing, B in reading and C in listening.

Teacher, Croydon, August, 2014


Arabic GCSE results summer 2014. Sarah got an A!


Mrs Wadham, Blenheim School, Epsom, August 2014

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Two more GCSE Arabic updates 2013-2014


I am sorry for the delay in getting in touch as I had a few issues to sort out.
Alhamdulillah  Kaleem managed to get an A ;he missed the A* by 2 marks.Qadr Allah mashafa’al.
Attached is the result in details at the very bottom .
Jazakhallah khayran for your help.


GCSE Unit June 2014 5AR01 ARABIC 1 68/70 Unit Grade a*(a*)

GCSE Unit June 2014 5AR02 ARABIC 2 74/80 Unit Grade a*(a*)

GCSE Unit June 2014 5AR03 ARABIC 3 59/70 Unit Grade a(a)

GCSE Unit June 2014 5AR04 ARABIC 4 67/80 Unit Grade a(a)

Umm Kaleem, East London, August, 2014



Hi! Sorry for the late reply, I got an A* overall! Thank you 🙂


Arwa, Queensgate School, South Kensington, London, September 2014


Results from the remaining schools have still not been recieved.