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Secure Garden Tips | Home and Gardening | Tidy Gardener

Secure Garden Tips

If you have ever thought you could do with some extra security in your front or back garden, then here you will find some useful tips on how to give your garden a little extra help. When it comes to securing your home from unwanted visitors, we should be mindful but not paranoid. The following tips are not meant to make you move home or start major renovations on your home but more ‘a how to work with what you have’. These secure garden tips are just some of the things you could do but there are also others.

It might not have happened to you yet but that should not lead you to believe that your garden is immune from prowlers. Perhaps you have done a good job of your garden already or maybe you have one of those gardens that no one can get in or out of. In which case this may not apply to you but perhaps it might help someone you know. So let’s get to it.

1. If you have a shed that could be broken into then secure what you can by chaining up your lawnmowers, tool boxes and ladders. A 1-metre chain with a good padlock could slow down that burglar long enough to get them spooked and have them fleeing. So if you do keep items like lawnmowers or ladders do padlock them up wherever they happen to be in the garden. A ladder could also be used to gain entry.

2. Burglars do not like to be seen or be seen acting suspiciously. Whenever you look into your garden you should have a good view of it and anyone who could be in it. With that in mind, a must have security feature would be lighting. Lighting that senses movement and lighting that you can turn off and on from inside the house without going outside, just in case.

3. On the back of tip 2, and some of you are not going to like this but we can’t please everyone. Hedges and bushes. Now I know everyone likes a bit of privacy but think about it…so do burglars. OK, you’re probably asking yourselves “why should I not have hedges or bushes at the front or back of my house just because some burglar could be hiding in or behind it”? Well, that is for you to think about. This is not about chopping all the hedges down, it is rather about being aware of this point and doing what you can to reduce the risks.

4. You might not know it but even the shape of your house and size of your garden can play a roll in your home and garden security. Obviously, the bigger the garden the more secure your fencing should be, all the way around. If your house is square or block shaped it is a better security feature than a house that has walls that go in and out all the way around, where someone could potentially hide around or behind.

5. The last tip would be to remember that home security is the responsibility of everyone living at your home. It makes little sense that only one person remembers to close the back door or lock the garage when others are not as mindful. Talk to your family and let them know that the more the weak links in your home the more you need to think about other levels of home security. If not you will think about it when it is too late and your home space has been violated by an intruder.

This is not just a matter of whether they are able to take the tv or not, most burglars probably have more than enough TVs, this is potentially a personal safety and life-saving procedure.

If you would like a synopsis done on your home by someone with an eye for home security. Then feel free to use the contact details on this page in order for us to get someone out to you.

Call out fees:

  • External, back and front, security review £30.00.
  • External and internal downstairs security review £35.00
  • Payments are made via bank transfer, not in cash, and is subject to location.


Secure Garden Tips | Home and Gardening | Tidy Gardener