Arabic Translation Rates

Arabic Translation Rates

Full translation service from Arabic to English or vice-versa.

General and technical documents translated.

Quick delivery and a free no-obligation quote.

Q. How much does a translation cost?

A. Current per-word prices vary from £0.08 to £0.15. 

Pricing for translation projects is based on the following:

1. Number of source words.

2. Source document complexity.

3. Deadline for completion of project.

1. Number of source words.

The main factor in calculating translation fees is number of words in the source document. This is the document to be translated as opposed to the target document, which is the final translated document.

2. Source document complexity.

Translation cost, as well as being dependent on number of words, is also dependent on how complex the source document is. For example general, non-technical, documents would cost less to translate than legal, scientific or engineering manuals etc.

3. Deadlines.

Delivery time requirements also have an impact on the overall fees for translation. Generally documents that need to be translated in a short space of time will attract a higher fee than those which are not urgent.

The above applies to text documents only. Special layouts will be quoted for on request.

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Please note that individuals and first-time clients are requested to make payment in advance.