Arabic Quran Tutor Luton


Arabic Quran Tutor Luton

arabic quran tutor luton

Lessons in London and outside London with Arabic Quran Tutor Luton.

Online lessons and home tuition in Arabic and Quranic Arabic. Experienced lessons and trustworthy tuition. Since 2011 we have been tutoring in Arabic and Quran.

For all your quality tuition needs and goals. We don’t just teach Arabic but also Akhlaaq (Etiquettes) which goes hand in with knowledge. Knowledge by itself is never enough. Try your Arabic first steps with us and let the language skills flow.

Our approach focuses on creating a small class environment which allows your child to get the attention they need from the teacher but also gives them the platform to build up their confidence when speaking in front of others.
At the core of our services are lessons in Quran and the Arabic Language. We also provide speaking examiner to schools, external speaker to schools, translation and much more such as events and presentations.

Learn Arabic or Learn to read the Quran with an experienced and patient tutor. We cover basic alphabets, pronunciation, reading and recitation, as well as tajweed rues and word meaning.

We also do GCSE Arabic speaking, listening, reading and writing papers.

For more information contact us on our email via the contact page.

If you are very local we can offer a free introductory session for one child or adult.

Cheap fees available. We offer PAYG or monthly advanced payment options.

Arabic Quran Tutor Luton

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