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Our Tuition Policy – Terms And Conditions 


Marhaba to you all and welcome to learning with Arabic Daily Support (aka Arabic Daily Online or Arabic Daily), this is a guide to our tuition policy. As a service provider, we have seen many students over the years and have had many experiences which have brought about the following terms and conditions.

If you are returning to tuition with us after a short break please take a moment to read this information as some things may have changed since you last took lessons.

As a provider of language education, serving the needs of a variety of people, we operate a non-discriminatory policy. This means that regardless of nationality, gender, non-religious or religious persuasion/denomination this service is open to all. We do not accept verbal, or other, abuse towards, people’s beliefs and nationalities or towards tutors, whilst in any of the tuition locations.

Whilst most private tuition is conducted on a one-to-one basis, couples and groups can usually be accommodated. If we are not able to offer you an immediate tuition slot, due to being over-subscribed or other reason, we may be able to contact you as soon as a slot becomes available or you can follow our Twitter feed for updates.

For all other services such as Translation, Interpretation, Visiting Examiner Service and Arabic Lessons at your School please use our email.

Arabic Daily provides Arabic language learning in:

  • Basic beginners Arabic or Arabic from Scratch.
  • Intermediate and GCSE Arabic (with or without the exam).
  • Advanced Arabic and AS/A’ Level (with or without exam).
  • Qur’anic Arabic of all levels (plus Hifdh and Tajweed rules).

1. What is the price of private tuition?

Our tuition rates are in line with fairest fees and are competitively priced. Fees are often subject to review/change on a yearly basis, but these changes are minimal. We no longer advertise fees on the site due to the occasional changes so the best way to find out is via email or a phone call. Fees reflect a number of factors some of which are mentioned hereunder:

  • Business taxes and rates.
  • Business banking transaction charges.
  • Website maintenance costs.
  • Advertising and Marketing.
  • Travel time & costs (where applicable).

Apart from the financial overheads, there are also matters related to behind the scene preparation, such as:

  • Administration and general management.

2. Payment Frequency & Options:

Once you know your area of study, preferred day, time, mode of tuition and subject level, you are ready to choose from a range of payment options.

You can opt to pay using one of the following methods:

  • Monthly block booking (via advance manual bank transfers).
  • Automatic standing order (via set date bank transfers).
  • PAYG (daily or weekly).
  • Cheque payments (from schools and organisations only).
  • PayPal.
  • Cash deposits into our bank account.

Advance monthly, block bookings to our bank account, at the beginning/1st of each month is the preferred method of payment for most clients. Automatic bank standing order payments, on the 1st of each month, is preferred by others as it requires less maintenance and reminders. Payments are made on a four weekly basis for each month, including months with five weeks.

– Please check the total and/or emails before making payment, some months, like August 2015, have 5 Mondays, whilst other months have only 4. If you are not sure of the correct amount please contact us first.

– There will not usually be lessons on the fifth day.

– We do not take payments for more than one cycle/month at a time.

3. Offers, Discounts and Reduced Fees:

Where an offer of tuition has been advertised at a discounted rate, unless stated otherwise, these offers will usually only last for a maximum of two months. The same is true for clients who have been offered tuition at a reduced rate via email or phone correspondence. These type of offers are typically made during the summer and usually last until the beginning of September, of the same year. The reduced fee will then default back to the standard rate for that lesson type, as set out in emails, unless stated otherwise.

There are no further reductions available on fees that have already been reduced. Each year is different from the previous year, and what we might have been able to charge in 2014 is not what we can charge in 2018 and beyond.

We realise that not everyone is able to afford tuition but at the same time we have to be able to exist and function. We have managed to operate thus far on wonderful clients who value what we do.

4. PAYG (Pay As You Go)/Full fee:

For those who wish to trial how the lessons are run, there is always the PAYG option, which is the default full fee. The PAYG rate applies to individual sessions and one-off lessons.

5. Administration charges:

This may be necessary if we have to spend extra time doing any of the following:

– Unless you have informed Arabic Daily, in advance, via email, text, Skype message or in person about making payments for extra lessons, outside of your regular agreed lessons, these overpayments payments may incur an administration charge where it will require refunding it back to your account.

– Please make sure you only pay the stated amount and that the number of lessons has been agreed and that you cancel any standing orders for lessons which will expire/come to an end.

Where an invoice needs to be re-adjusted if you change the amount.

Payments made via PayPal come with a default PayPal administration fee.

6. Long Distance Tuition/Visits (Outside of Locality):

Most distances/locations, within Croydon, are measured from this postcode point: CR7 6AU – Thornton Heath Pond/Thornton Heath Bus Garage, A23 London Road, Croydon, London, England.

Due to time and traffic considerations tuition at your home may not apply to the following areas, or parts of these areas, during weekdays and weekends; Peckham, Deptford, Catford, Grove Park, Clapham, Sutton, Morden, Wimbledon, New Malden, Coulsdon, Whyteleafe, Bickley, West Wickham, Bromley (BR8, BR5, BR6, BR7, BR2, BR1) and New Addington. This does not mean that we do not travel to these areas, or longer distances, it is down to tutor availability in these areas and lesson duration.

Current policy stipulates a minimum, flat rate, fee for any travelling for assessments and tuition of 2 miles and over, from the Croydon postcode above. Alternatively please enquire about online tuition.

7. Duration of Assessment Lessons :

The majority of our assessment lessons take place from June to August. The remainder of assessments takes place at any time during the year. These assessments vary in time but usually last from between 30 and 45 minutes depending on ability and knowledge. Generally speaking the less knowledge and ability the lesser the duration.

Assessments may be offered at a higher rate than the advanced lesson fees.

If you have any questions regarding assessments please do ask.

8. Tips for learning online, do’s and don’ts:

– Do try to establish a connection via Skype prior to your appointment to rectify any issues regarding sound or change of device etc. You will need to first create a Skype account if you do not currently have one.

– At the beginning of each lesson, or slightly before, you should send a Skype text message to tell your tutor that you are present and ready to begin or that you will be ready in a short while. If you delay or are late your lesson will not automatically go over to make up for the time missed at the beginning. Each student is given an allocated slot and no preferential treatment should apply. Where there is a no show/no message lessons are automatically cancelled after 15 minutes, as tutors will not wait beyond that time.

– Please be nice to your tutors and they will be nice to you. If your parent is paying for your lesson and you are grumpy about doing the lessons please speak to your parents or tutor straight away, that way any issues you have may be resolved. It is better to get these things out of the way at the beginning rather than to have each lesson spoiled by attitude or rude behaviour. Remember tutors are not obliged to tutor and can withdraw an offer for reasons such as improper behaviour.

– Your laptop or ipad should be on a flat or stable surface. Lessons in bed or other shaky surface can affect the quality of sound as movement can be heard through the mic, even when you may not hear it.

– Other distracting sounds include young children or family members in the background, noisy pets such as tweeting birds, barking dogs, a TV left on or an open window near to a busy main street. If you are able to move your computer to a quieter place please do so before the lesson starts.

– Having snacks at the time of lessons not only affects your speech and pronunciation of words/letters but eating sounds are likely to be picked up by the microphone. It is also not good manners.

– If you do not have a headset or external mic you will need to be very close to the mic on your computer. If you do not have a computer but only use a mobile phone this may be problematic for some sessions that do require you to have access to a larger computer screen.

– Reception and signal quality may vary and depends on broadband speed, your location and the number of users using software such as Skype at any given time. Any dropped calls, as a result of minor reception issues, usually reconnect within seconds. You may need to reboot Skype for other connection problems. We are unable to keep rescheduling if your reception cuts out or if there are repeated blockade/restrictions on the internet in your country. You should contact us as soon as you can to let us know the situation as your payment may not be refunded. We may need to cancel if it happens on a weekly basis, at the same time.

– If you do not do the set homework, or send homework that is given, you may be required to either send the homework during the lesson or complete the homework during the lesson. Both of which take up valuable lesson time. If you are not doing regular Arabic homework then you are doing little to improve your Arabic language skills. Taking one lesson a week alone will not help if it is not coupled with homework.

9. Writing Materials & Books:

Clients/Students are expected to provide their own writing materials, exercise and text-books. Any requests for the tutor to purchase materials or books may include a delivery charge.

All writing materials, exercise books and text-books should be prepared and ready by the time the tutor arrives or by the time lesson is due to begin to avoid time wasted looking for books, pens, homework etc.

10. Food, Drink & Long Conversation:

Your tutor thanks you in advance for your kind offers of food when visiting your home but such offers may not be accepted. Your tutor may occasionally accept juice or water. As much as your tutor may also love to indulge in long conversation this is often more appropriate before or after lessons, depending on time and other commitments.

Your tutor intends no offence but these offers of food, or other things, may be declined to maintain minimal distraction during lessons. This is also to avoid being late for other clients who may be expecting tuition afterwards or having a knock-on effect on your own family plans and appointments.

11. Child Minding at Your Home:

Your tutor cannot be held responsible for child minding, guarding a house and/or household effects, during tutoring. It is the responsibility of the family and/or nominee to ensure that a responsible adult is on the premises at all times.

12. Cancellations, Missed Lessons, Late Payments & Refunds:

a) We do not require a 48 hour, 24 hour or even a 12 hour notice of cancellation, although the more advance notice that is given the better, this will enable us to offer someone else the vacant slot.

b) Lessons can sometimes be rescheduled, at no cost to you, if a minimum of just 6 hours notice is given — We appreciate the fact that urgent matters crop up from time to time. An early email, call or text message, to the tutors phone, clarifying the reason will suffice when making a cancellation. Please be aware that if you do send a late notification the tutor may not be able to see or respond to your message or answer your call due to being in a lesson. Therefore the tutor will be unlikely to acknowledge or confirm receipt of any messages sent without allowing for sufficient time.

c) Unless sufficient advance notice is given confirming your cancellation, or unavailability, a cancellation charge will apply at the rate of the lesson cancelled or missed. A doorstep cancellation or cancellation shortly before tutor is due to arrive will not normally count as sufficient advance notice.

d) As an online or advance paying client if you had paid for a lesson and gave notice confirming a cancellation, but no suitable date or time could be rescheduled for a replacement lesson, in that current payment cycle, you have the option of making the payment roll-over to the following month or receive a refund.

e) Refunds for clients using standing orders, manual bank payments/advance bank transfers, will be refunded back into your account.

f) If you have taken an assessment and then paid for your course of lessons, or you have already paid and taken your first lesson of a monthly block booking, you have until 6 hours before the next scheduled (and not a rescheduled) lesson is due to cancel further lessons. In these instances, we can offer you a refund on the balance of your payment.

g) In all other instances, such as cash payments, where a tuition cycle has begun and you have taken the first lesson in a cycle of lessons we operate a no refund policy. This also applies where you have taken two or more lessons in an online monthly block booking.

h) Tutors reserve the right to refuse or discontinue service/tuition for late or non-payment of fees.

i) Where found or notified, tutors reserve the right to terminate, without refund, any lesson/s where criminal, deceptive or other unacceptable behaviour is displayed by the student/s, or other individual/s. This is regardless of whether this takes place within or outside of the tuition settings. This is left to tutor discretion to decide in such instances.

j) Although lesson and payment reminders may occasionally be sent out this remains the primary responsibility of clients in receipt of lessons. Please set up a weekly/monthly lesson and or payment reminder.

k) For permanent cancellations please provide sufficient advanced notice to the tutor contact details and our email address.

l) Arabic Daily AND the Tutor reserve the right to cancel AND withdraw any express and implied right to tuition at any time without notice, although notice will usually be given

m) Late payments are payable at the PAYG rate which is the default full rate. To continue to benefit from reduced fees please make your monthly payments on time.

n) A late payment is any payment that is made either on the day tuition is due or after the due payment date, which is usually outlined in emails. If no date is given in later emails please check earlier ones as we do not always repeat this information in every payment reminder, as this information is available in the terms of service. Where a payment date is not specified or you cannot find it the default date shall be as mentioned above in section 2 of these terms of service.

o) The beginning of the month shall mean that payments can be made from the time your last lesson for the month has ended or the last date of the month until and no later than on the 1st of the following month.

13. Holidays/Non-Tuition Days & Bad Weather:

Please inform of any upcoming travel arrangements well in advance.

Private tuition may either not be available or may be scaled back throughout the days of Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha (at the end of the month of Ramadhan and during the month of Dhul Hijah) or the beginning of the Islamic New Year.

There may also be limited tuition/tutor availability during mid-March to mid-June when students will need extra help with GCSE Arabic exam preparation.

Tuition services may often continue during summer holidays, bank holidays, Easter and Christmas but a tutor may often require a break during these times as do many students. Please seek confirmation so that you are not charged for a lesson which you thought may not take place.

Unless you are informed otherwise, or unless you clarify with us in advance about your unavailability during these times of the year, lessons are expected to take place on these days.

We do not charge for tuition cancelled due to extremely bad weather. Payments can either be carried forward, to the following week/month, to make-up for a missed tuition slot or refunded.

You will be kept informed of any other absences in advance. In the event of any disruption to service due to personal, family or work-related reasons or due to traffic or similar delays it is the responsibility of tutee, as well as the tutor, to keep the other party informed and updated regarding such delays.

14. Course contract/duration of lessons.

Lessons are subject to a trial period where client and tutor decide whether they will continue with said lessons. The trial period is usually a two month period after which lessons are given on a six-monthly basis. Both tutor and client are free to cancel within the aforementioned trial window or at any other stage if they see fit. Lessons are not continued on an indefinite or permanent basis so please do check with tutor or staff to make sure that your lessons will be continuing past each six-monthly block of lessons.

15. Disclaimer:

Private tuition serves as an excellent aid to study but private tuition is not a substitute for specific homework or revision, which remains the responsibility of the student. We understand that students may often have other homework and revision but these should be organised, as much as is possible, in such a way as not to adversely affect your lessons with us, whether Arabic or Quran learning.

Arabic Daily and your tutor can provide Arabic and Quranic Arabic students with the resources, support and encouragement necessary to succeed but Arabic Daily and your tutor accepts no responsibility for an individual failing to achieve targets or grades.

16. Changes and Updates:

We try to ensure that the information on this website is accurate and up to date and we endeavour to provide a prompt and reliable service. However, some changes, for example to programmes, sessions, courses, slots, availability, facilities or fees may become necessary due to legitimate staffing, organisational, financial, academic or regulatory reasons.

In such circumstances Arabic Daily will, where possible: 1. endeavour to keep any changes to a minimum; 2. take reasonable steps to minimise disruption to students; and 3. Keep students informed by email or other communication. If parents, students, teachers or other party/person require further information or confirmation of any matter they should contact the Arabic Daily Support Team: arabicdaily [at] gmail [dot] com or 0786 786 2520 (London/UK).

Please note: The above terms of service, on this website, is the most current and updated version of our terms and policy and all references should be made to this document/copy. This information may also be updated from time to time to meet with unforeseen circumstances or to further clarify something that may have been unclear.


Good luck with your learning and thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Kind regards Was Salaam

Arabic Daily Support Team

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