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In life and learning, we often need a little help, so it makes sense to have access to support and resources that can make a little difference. 

What is ADLS Services?

Arabic Daily Language Support (ADLS Services) is an independent language education company which started back in 2011. ADLS was founded in London via a network of inspired people keen to give back to communities in different ways. 

ADLS Services is motivated by such organisations as UNESCO and its International Literacy Day, World Language Day and similar celebrations and observances.  

What is your mission?

Our mission is simply to support, serve and inspire change. Well-being, peace, love and understanding are at the core of our mission statement. We believe that one of the paths to learning is establishing a positive ethos, founded on faith and trust. Ultimately it is a mission of sharing for success.  

What are the ADLS project themes and aims?

  • To provide community education support, (Functional Skills, Numeracy & Literacy).
  • To advance awareness of positive behaviour & lifestyle, (Moral, Psychological & Spiritual Development).
  • To promote the well being of children and adults, (Health, Peace Building & Safeguarding). twitter.com/Arabic_Daily

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