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GCSE Arabic Exam Timetable 2015

General Certificate of Secondary Education

May–June Summer 2015 Examination Timetable for Arabic.


- Summer 2015 Edexcel Arabic Unit 2:

Speaking In Arabic 5AR02 (0h 10mins) between 7th March-15th May 2015


- Summer 2015 Edexcel Arabic Unit 1:

Listening & Understanding In Arabic 5AR01 (0h 45mins) 15 June 2015 Monday pm


- Summer 2015 [Provisional] Edexcel Arabic Unit 3:

Reading & Understanding In Arabic 5AR03 (0h 55mins) 15 June 2015 Monday pm


- Summer 2015 Edexcel Arabic Unit 4:

Writing In Arabic 5AR04 (1hour 00m) 17 June 2015 Wednesday pm

Sample Reading Material

Edexcel Sample Reading Material for Arabic GCSE.


Source: / qualifications.pearson.comarabic daily basics

Tweet in touch 2015

Keep in touch via twitter feeds to know what is happening during this busy exam period.ARABIC TWITTER

Arabic GCSE Examiner Hire 2015

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If you need an Arabic Examiner to attend your school/centre for the GCSE Arabic speaking/oral paper exam get in touch with us soon as we have already started to take bookings and will soon be short on available slots/dates.

Arabic GCSE Speaking

2015 GCSE Arabic speaking/oral paper examination window:

7th March to 15th May 2015.