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Madrasa Students Homework & Classroom Reminders.

To all my dear lovely Madrasa students,

I know that some of you often peruse these web pages so please take a moment to read the following.

1. Please try to arrive in class early so as to get all the material and lesson content. This will obviously help you to prepare better for tests.

2. Please try not to rush your homework on the bus or in the car, minutes before you arrive. Mistakes are more likely and it also effects your handwriting.

3. Please try not to distract others in the class as this results in them and you missing vital tips or lesson content generally.

4. Please remember to do your default homework. This means that whether you or the teacher is absent there is still work you can do, that has been set. No excuses for not doing any work, there is always time, unless you are seriously unwell or there has been some family bereavement.

5. We know that you have a lot of homework, during the week, for various other classes but if you are more organised you can get a lot more done in less time than you think. If you are having problems with finding the time, or with anything mentioned here, please speak with your tutor.

Thank you for taking valuable time to read this and may you do well in all your lessons.