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Popular Arabic Dictionaries

Popular Arabic Dictionaries

1. A Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic by Hans Weir.

Not recommended for beginners but more for use by intermediate and advanced students of Arabic.

2. Al Mawrid Al Waseet Dr Rohi Al Baalbaki.Available as Arabic to English or English to Arabic.

For all levels but mainly beginners and intermediate.

3. The Concise and the Essential Oxford English to Arabic, Arabic to English dictionaries. Printed by Oxford University Press.

For beginners


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Arabic Degrees in the UK

Highest Ranking Unis in the UK for Arabic Degrees


Manchester Metropolitan University

SOAS University of London

University of Oxford

University of Warwick

University of Edinburgh

University of St Andrews

University of Westminster

University of Leeds

University of Exeter

University of Manchester

University of Central Lancashire



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Arabic Academy in Malaysia

Arabic Academy Malaysia

49-1 Jalan Cecawi 6/33,
Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor D.E., Malaysia.

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Lam (لم) makes mudaari’ verbs majzoom.

Lam (لم) makes mudaari’ verbs majzoom.

Majzoom (jazm) means it has sukoon on the last letter; in Arabic grammar, there are four cases–marfoo, majruwr, mansoob, and majzoom.

Mudaari’ verbs can be majzoom–for example, with lam!

Lam is a type of negation; to mean something didn’t happen or take place.

Ex: هو لم يأكل = he didn’t eat (huwa lam ya’kul).

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Lisan ul Arab لسان العرب by ابن منظور Ibn e Manzoor (Lisaan al Arab)

Lisan ul Arab لسان العرب by ابن منظور Ibn e Manzoor (Lisaan al Arab).

Lisan ul Arab لسان العرب (Lisaan ul Arab) is the most famous and one of the most comprehensive dictionaries of the Arabic language.

Ibn e Manzoor ابن منظور compiled his book from the material found in 5 books mainly :

Tahdhib al-Lughah by al-Azhari تهذيب اللغة ,

al-Muhkam by Ibn Sidah المحكم ,

as-Sihaah by al-Jawhari الصحاح  ,

Hashiyyat as-Sihaah / Hawaashi by Ibn Barri حاشيات الصحاح / حواشي , and

an-Nahayyah by Ibn al-Athir النهاية في غريب الحديث .

He also used material from some other books. He cites The Qur’an, Hadith, and poetry in explaining the words.


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Arabic Vocabulary (Furniture Words)

Arabic words relating to household furniture.

Bed (sareer) سرير
Carpet (sajjaadah) سجادة
Chair (kursee) كرسي
Cupboard (khizaanah) خِزانه
Curtain (sitaarah) ستارة
Desk (maktab) مكتب
Furniture (athaath) أثاث
Seat(maq’ad lil juloos) مقعد للجلوس
Shelf (raf) رف
Table (taawilah) طاولة

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Post GCSE Arabic and Adult Lessons

Thank you for your inquiries regarding GCSE Arabic for adults as well as Arabic lessons geared towards AS/A’level Arabic.

Our primary target is to cater to primary and secondary school children who need to learn Arabic either for school exams or for learning Quranic Arabic. That is not to say that we do not tutor adults in Quranic Arabic or other areas of Arabic, we have and continue to tutor adults in Arabic.

Our fees for adult learners of GCSE Arabic and post GCSE Arabic are not usually the same as fees for primary and secondary school learners.

If you have already completed a GCSE in Arabic and wish to continue on to a higher level our fees will reflect the level of study, especially if those lessons are also after 4pm.

Kind regards wa salam


Arabic Daily


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Weekend Tuition

Tuition on a weekend runs from Friday to Sunday. Except for clubs and groups there is currently no requirement to pay monthly in advance. Individual one off payments for lessons are slightly higher than the Monday to Thursday advance fee arrangement. Free assessments do not apply during the weekend period.

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Waiting List for Evening Slots

There is currently a waiting list for evening slots online as well as home tuition.

To secure a future slot please register your interest via the contact details on this site.

Provide as much information about your learning requirements/background as possible.

Evening slots are 45 or 60 minutes long.

Payment is via standing order or monthly in advance.

Monday to Thursday are the main days.

Book a Friday-Sunday lesson if you prefer to PAYG (Pay as You Go)

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Available Online Slots

Available Online Slots

There are a couple of available online slots for anyone interested in learning/improving Quran reading or reading texts like Medina Arabic.


  • Location: Online Skype.
  • Wednesday Morning 10:00am
  • Monday Morning 10:00am
  • Duration 45 minutes.
  • Current Fee: £10.00.
  • Study Medina Arabic.
  • Read Quran with Tajweed.
  • Suitable for home school learners.
  • Shared sessions of two individuals available.

The above fee option is payable monthly in advance, other arrangements available.

Please not: This does not include our GCSE Arabic course, as it differs slightly.



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Get to Grips with Arabic!

The Arab and Muslims world is culturally rich and full of centuries of history and heritage. Through the effects of globalization and modern technology, there is more interaction between cultures than ever before. While this can lead to cultural tensions, the more you get to know your neighbors, the more you realize how much all the peoples of the world have in common, despite differences that may be apparent at first glance. One of the obvious ways to get know a people is through language…get to grips with Arabic!

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Some GCSE Arabic Results 2014

100% Genuine Client Feedback!

Some GCSE Arabic Results 2013-2014


Amatullah achieved an A* in her GCSE masha Allah. Jazakha Allaha Khair for all your help with the exam preparation. She just needs to decide now whether she will continue studying Arabic alongside her remaining GCSE’s or whether she feels her remaining workload is too heavy.

Thakir, London, August 2014 (Parent of student)


Got an A!. 2 Units a star, 1 a, 1b
Thank you a lot of for your help.

Ali, Chelsea, August 2014 (student)


Thank you very much for enquiring, and for your excellent last minute help. I got an A overall in my GCSE Arabic. The breakdown was 56/70, 64/80, 67/70 and 64/80. So, just an A! Thank you very much. You were outstanding – you responded so promptly to my last minute request for help and you were very clear and focused. Please feel free to use any of this as a quote. Best wishes, Judith!

Judith, North London, August 2014


Maryam got a B overall. A in speaking, A in writing, B in reading and C in listening.

Teacher, Croydon, August, 2014


Arabic GCSE results summer 2014. Sarah got an A!


Mrs Wadham, Blenheim School, Epsom, August 2014

For all those who are starting to feel overwhelmed by the masses of Spanish exam revision for your upcoming exams, fear no more. – See more at:–gcse,-as,-a-level-and-scottish-higher-spanish-revision-courses/262#sthash.559Hy0KB.dpuf
For all those who are starting to feel overwhelmed by the masses of Spanish exam revision for your upcoming exams, fear no more. – See more at:–gcse,-as,-a-level-and-scottish-higher-spanish-revision-courses/262#sthash.559Hy0KB.dpuf

Two more GCSE Arabic updates 2013-2014


I am sorry for the delay in getting in touch as I had a few issues to sort out.
Alhamdulillah  Kaleem managed to get an A ;he missed the A* by 2 marks.Qadr Allah mashafa’al.
Attached is the result in details at the very bottom .
Jazakhallah khayran for your help.


GCSE Unit June 2014 5AR01 ARABIC 1 68/70 Unit Grade a*(a*)

GCSE Unit June 2014 5AR02 ARABIC 2 74/80 Unit Grade a*(a*)

GCSE Unit June 2014 5AR03 ARABIC 3 59/70 Unit Grade a(a)

GCSE Unit June 2014 5AR04 ARABIC 4 67/80 Unit Grade a(a)

Umm Kaleem, East London, August, 2014



Hi! Sorry for the late reply, I got an A* overall! Thank you 🙂


Arwa, Queensgate School, South Kensington, London, September 2014


Results from the remaining schools have still not been recieved.

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American Girl Speaking Arabic

Videos were viewable at the time of posting. We cannot guarantee the status of these videos in future months. We also do not necessarily agree with all the views aired in these videos.

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Brazillian Speaking Colloquial Arabic

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Online Arabic Dictionary

Enter a word in English and click the ok button to get a quick translation into Arabic.



© dictionary

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Quran and Arabic Tutors Wanted

Quran and Arabic Tutors Wanted

Quran and Arabic Tutors Wanted

Are you a male or a female Arabic tutor?

Do you have free time in the daytime or evenings?

Do you have a Skype account?

Would you like to help people learn Arabic?

If you or anyone you know could take on a student/s for online tuition then contact us. We regularly hear from people who would like either modern Arabic, Quranic Arabic or colloquial Arabic lessons. Often we are too busy to be able to handle these requests.

Send us an email and tell us about yourself.

Please note the following:

You MUST also be eligible to work in the UK without requiring a work permit.

We ARE NOT an employer, you will be working for yourself.

We DO NOT sponsor overseas applicants wishing to work in the UK.

Arabic Tutor Wanted

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