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 Our work takes us all over London and occasionally outside of London too. We provide a range of Arabic language services to individuals, groups, schools and organisations. A more detailed breakdown of services can be found using the menu above.


1. If you require Quran lessons, New GCSE Arabic lessons, Pre or Post GCSE Arabic lessons, Arabic from scratch or General Arabic lessons then email us via the ‘How to Enrol’ page in the top menu.

2. For online lessons you will need to connect via Skype, Google Hangouts etc. Visit the ‘Contact page’ or the ‘How to Enrol’ page for links. We do one to one as well as shared/group sessions.

3. Once you receive an email reply all you need to do is follow the email instructions. Supply as much information about the support you require in your initial email. 

4. Important pages to read include the ‘Rates page’ and Terms of Service. 

5. If you are an existing or potential new student then the Student page, Enrolment and Registration posts in the Blog Posts section.

We visit a variety of settings such as:

Primary, Secondary and Supplementary Schools/Centres.

Place of Employment.

At Home or Online via Skype.

Access Arabic Resources such as Arabic Translation, Arabic Lessons, Quran Tutor, GCSE Examiner, Home-School Support,  Online Arabic and Quran Clubs.

Updates are often posted in the Twitter Feed.



Assessments and Block Booking Discounts Available!

quran club

Thank you very much. You were outstanding.

Judith, North London.

Learning a foreign language creates more positive attitudes and less prejudice toward people who are different to you. You learn about the culture, countries and sometimes the religion but definitely learn about how a language is used and understood. Learn Arabic Daily and start your travels through one of the most popular, controversial and interesting languages on the face of the earth.

We offer Translation services.

We provide language support for schools.

MFL External Visiting Examiner hire.

Support for home-school students

New GCSE Arabic and pre-GCSE Arabic preparation.

General Arabic lessons (non-exam based).

Private Home or Online tuition.

Quranic lessons in Tajweed, memorisation & recitation.

Free tuition registration & limited free assessments.

Lessons at a suitable time and place.

Small groups or one-to-one tuition for optimal progress.

A track record of proven successful students.

We love what we do.

Improved experience year on year.

Excellent value.

Available student testimonials and parent references.

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